Saturday Afternoon DJ’s at the Shop, 2-4pm.


SATURDAY APRIL 16th-DJ OTURA MUN(IFE)- The electronic music moniker of New Orleans based African American producer and percussionist Otura Mun, ÌFÉ is a futuristic live electronic music project blending elements of Afro-Cuban folklore and Yoruban religious music with the bass driven sounds of modern day Jamaican Dancehall, Trap and Afro-Beat. The single most important electronic act in Afro-Caribbean music, ÌFÉ’s 2017 debut album “IIII+IIII” revolutionized the way electronic music was conceived and performed, seamlessly combining the intricacies of Afro-Caribbean percussion and song with the power of modern electronica played in real time, no DJ’s, no programming, totally freed from the grid. ÌFÉ’s latest album, 0000+0000 was recorded in between New Orleans and San Juan, Puerto Rico and pressed to 2xLP at the New Orleans Record Press. Before recording and touring as ÌFÉ, Mun dj’d for a living playing Jamaican Dancehall, Hip Hop, Salsa and Rare Groove for the better part of 20 years. In addition to hearing Otura Mun spin records, you can also hear his musical makings at the new One Eyed Jacks on April 22nd at a show shared with the Soul Rebels.


DJ DOUBLE DOSE! MAKE THAT A TRIPLE! I don”t recall that the shop has ever done anything extra for Record Store Day, it often arrives unknown to us, but this time we noticed, and have a trio of dj’s to serenade us with sweetness and sound for most of the day. We might even have a few “Record Store Day” records on hand, if ya believe it.

Starting at 12:30 we will be woken up by JAH COKNI, (AKA KING COCKNI, OTO, UNCLE O)… Cokni was born in Wembley, Middlesex, England but was raised in various parts of New York. The first crew he joined was El Producto in Cambria Heights Queens where he was the Human B-Box for LL Cool J during the time when he rhymed with the Albino Twins back in the early eighties. He battled many who wielded the art of oral percussion, one of which was Rahzel, in a competition judged by Biz Markie. Initially known for having a thick ragga inspired vocal style, he coined the phrase ‘Shock Out’ in the Los Angeles Hip hop dance circle during the years of 1989 and 1990. Cokni later joined Divine Styler In the Original Scheme Team, when Divine got signed to Epic, and was featured on Divine’s debut album Wordpower. After the Scheme Team had broken up and gone their separate ways, He went on to pursue a successful career as a turntablist and a music promoter promoting Reggae Dance Hall and Hip Hop for Delicious Vinyl Records. After contributing to various Drum and Bass and various Hip Hop tracks, he later had a short reunite with former Scheme Team member Divine Styler to contribute Vocals to House of Pain’s last album, Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again and Divine Styler’s Wordpower 2 album.

At 2 o’clock we will be further charmed by a dj duo, VEROCKINA and STUART HALL…

Verockina finally started employing her record collection for the public good in 1999 as a club DJ in NYC. Seeking kinships between strains of Jazz, Soul, Funk, and Punk, she received a lot of flak from the purists. A former employee of CBGB’s and Venus Records in NYC, she went on to maintain her own solo, collaborative, and multimedia DJ residencies at numerous clubs, bars, and events. Returning to New Orleans, Verockina’s ear leans toward the Caribbean-informed, arty, and eloquent. 

Stuart Hall began his quest for the perfect set back in 1994 after years of making mixed tapes and showing off his heavy metal records. His evolution/devolution has led him through acid jazz, art rock, Xtian folk music back to blues and soul music. He has relied on DJ luck for years as he lost job after job at some prestigious radio stations, only to end up on Thursday/Friday Midnights for WWOZ as well as filling in for every program except the bluegrass show. Today he spins grit and sweet soul music be it rocksteady or jazz, gospel or cajun punk music. And, he happens to be having a birthday while he plays us these records!

As always, cold drinks on hand, doors flung open, lovely records to flip through, and good folk loitering around. The DJ’ are playing records right off the racks, meaning, if they play a winner to your ears, you can buy it right off of the turntable. Please join us if you can, and feel free to spread the word about these events. No social media coming out of Domino Sound, all we got is a dinky webpage and some pint size e-mail list.

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