Shop Open again, limited hours

Very happy to let you know that Domino Sound is open again with very limited hours. For starters, we will be trying a schedule of 

The NEW ARRIVALS racks are bloated with fantastic and interesting records. No joke. We also have lots of terrific music related books, cassettes, postcards, turntables, some audio equipment, and dominoes.

Some guidelines for the shop will include 
-a maximum of four customers in the shop at once
-everyone must wear a mask
-everyone, upon entering, must use the hand sanitizer provided
-everyone is expected to be aware of keeping distance from others, including staff
-bring your own headphones if you would like to use the listening station

Weather permitting, we will keep the doors open to allow for fresh air, and will have a selection of records, tapes, and postcards on the sidewalk for outdoor shopping. The sidewalk might be hot sometimes, but the trees have grown these past few years and filled out to make for some nice shade spots during opening hours, so if the shop is at capacity, a wait to get in shouldn’t be torturous. If you are leery of coming in at all, we will be happy to try to accommodate you outside by bringing your requests to the sidewalk and doing everything outside.

The shop has always shied away from being a full fledged participant in the internet world, preferring to be a tangible place, and our facebook, twitter, whatsapp, and all of those things are non-existent. Word of mouth has always been, we believe, the best way to get the word out, but there are less words coming from people’s mouths these past few months and we would be happy if you talked about, texted, posted, etc. about the re-opening of the shop. If you have a friend that talked about the one time they went to the shop and loved it, remind them to maybe try going again. Or meet up with them there. Or bring someone new. We’re not lying when we say “This place is loaded with terrific records”, bumped up with lots of new albums and 45’s to go through. It’s full. It’s waiting. Come on over or get in touch!

2557 Bayou Road
New Orleans, LA


WED 10am-2pm

THURS 10am-2pm

FRI 6pm-9pm