Revolving DJ’s at DOMINO SOUND, Saturdays 3-5pm

Mark your calendars for Saturdays upcoming from 3-5pm. We’d love to have you by the shop for lovely sounds transmitted from vinyl to the speakers.

This Saturday at the shop (Feb. 9) we are lucky enough to have the soundtrack administered by The Black Queen Ann (currently spinning records Friday evenings at Creole Gardens and formerly dj at the Dew Drop Inn).

Coming in on the following Saturday (Feb. 16) is Jonny Campos (guitarist of Lost Bayou Ramblers and many other bands) to grab discs off of the racks and spin em for you.

With full disclosure that it is Endymion Saturday, this place will sound superbly nice that day (Feb. 23) as Anthony Cuccia, The Night Janitor, comes in with a recently found love of exploring reggae music. Hope that keeps up and we’ll see what he mixes it up with.

Come on over, spread the word, bring a friend, buy a record right off of the turntable! Saturday at the shop from 3-5pm. Refreshments provided.

2557 Bayou Road
New Orleans, LA



until 7:30pm on Fridays
closed Tuesdays